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Why Adults Should Help

The oceans are a critical part of our very existence.

The oceans cover 70% of our planet. The oceans contain 97% of all the water on earth.  The oceans contain half of all the species on Earth and provide 20% of the animal protein in the human diet. They absorb over a quarter of all the CO2 that humans put into the atmosphere. They largely dictate our climate around the world.

Yet for centuries the oceans have been treated as a convenient landfill for “stuff” that humans no longer wanted.  But today the world`s population has grown to 7 Billion people who generate enormous amounts of litter, much of which is plastic. This plastic litter, which more properly should be considered to be hazardous material, flows from rivers and streams, or washes off beaches, into the ocean where it is ingested by marine life.


What Adults Can Do
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