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Why Should Kids Help Sullie

Hi Kids,

I am a savvy old seagull who has spent most of my life on my beloved Turtle Beach where I was hatched many moons ago. When I was a young chick, sea birds and marine life lived in total harmony with nature. But now these creatures called humans, are messing with nature and causing havoc to my bird friends and ocean pals. And the problems created by these humans are not just on Turtle Beach, but in every lake, river, and beach around the world.

Without thinking about it, humans throw away vast amounts of litter every day, much of which ends up in the oceans. Ocean currents then carry this litter, mainly plastic, far out to sea where it either enters enormous floating landfills, like The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or is washed up on beautiful, isolated island beaches.

Thousands of my ocean pals get entangled, or choked, or poisoned by this litter. Pieces of litter, floating in the ocean, look like food to a bird, or fish, or a turtle or a dolphin. And thinking it is food, they swallow it. At other times, ocean creatures swimming or diving in the water get entangled in litter like plastic bags, balloons or fishing lines, and can drown.

Help me save my ocean pals.

Your friend,
Sullie Seagull


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