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  1. We can change our own habits and stop using disposable plastic items such as plastic water bottles, one-time plastic shopping bags, plastic cutlery, plastic "glasses", and plastic drinking straws.

  2. We can encourage our friends and parents to read how Sullie and his bird friends taught humans to change their thoughtless habits in "Sullie Saves the Seas" (click here to visit Sullie's Store). Many parents and grandparents have reported how much they enjoyed reading about Sullie`s clever schemes.

  3. We can make sure that we carefully dispose of all our litter to prevent it ever getting into rivers, creeks or the oceans.

  4. We can tell all our friends, and parents, about the damage being caused to ocean life by people`s thoughtless habits.

  5. We can help educate strangers by wearing Sullie`s messages on Sullie's tee shirts. (click here to visit Sullie's Store).

  6. You can learn about other organizations that are concerned about our oceans by clicking here on Related Links.



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